wild child

I wrote this last night at 1am but didn’t send it. This morning I woke to a lovely message from Lyn to say that my last message in the “Special relationship with ACIM” thread had not been approved. In light of which, the following seems even more relevant…

I fear the trouble with a wild child like me running free in a group like this, is I run the risk of misinforming newbies.

While I might be very forgiving, my attitude is invisible. I’m not explaining it as I go. I’m not here to educate anyone. I’m only here for forgiveness.

If they have not taken to heart as I have, Pursah’s words:

When you are ready to accept that the only thing that really matters in your illusory lifetime is the successful completion of your lessons of true forgiveness, then you will be truly wise indeed.

then they will be put off by my stream of outbursts instead of encouraged.

I’ve been making a table. I wonder if I can paste it here:

There are only two kinds of content. Anything that is not one type must be the other type.1 Perception of anything else is error.
For a complete picture, both must be seen where they are and not confused with one another.

Type 1 Type 2
Love call for love
Loving lovely2
Eternal temporary
Always now
Impersonal personal3
Destination journey
Kind revealing
Healed healing
Real experience
Song of Peace song of pain
Certain decision
Truth illusion
Abstract specific
Holographic4 linear
Sincere joke

Huh that came out okay.

On the left (type 1) are the attributes of God/Heaven. On the right (type 2) is the right minded view of everything that is not God/Heaven.

This email is type 2. Like everything else I share here, the only purpose is forgiveness.

  1. ACIM T-14.X.7 

  2. adorable 

  3. the curriculum is highly individualised 

  4. every part contains the whole 

Forgive, and you will see this differently.