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Why is there so much hate for Kenneth Wapnick? (Honest question)

/u/xLifeIsNowx asks:

I know what he did regarding the book copyright and all those legal actions trying to bring down other organized groups, websites and books that were not according to his teachings.

I have to tell you, his talks and teachings in particular have helped me a lot. More than any other ACIM teacher combined. They say Gary Renard saves you 10 years of course study with his books, I would say Ken Wapnick saves you 25. I fully share his interpretation of the course, and has provided me an explanation regarding my addiction and depression and a peaceful change of outlook in life.

However one of the parts of this illusion of a world is that we are separated and each one of us will think that what he thinks its true, and every person has its own interpretation, which serves their best purpose, because that is what they need and what will help them dissipate fear, which is the ultimate purpose of the course.

This is what Ken also teaches. He had a very particular style of teaching, which was hard, piercing and direct, which works for me.

Nevertheless, I find it shocking and inconsistent all the things he did regarding bringing down other teachings, when he knew perfectly and said multiple times that we should respect other religions or opinions because those are the paths of other people. That we should be kind to other people. The curriculum is inebitable but it takes many forms. For some is religion, for some is not believing in anything, for some stoicism, for some is the course, etc. Including each person’s interpretation. All is good, because all of us will end up in the same place at the end, that is together at home united in the Sonship with God.

Is that why people hate Ken? Because he did not put into practice what he taught?

Freyr replies:

Ken was identified to the group (Helen, Bill, Judy etc) as the one who was to explain to the world what A Course in Miracles means.

And everyone hates an authority. People hate, fear and deny Ken like they hate, fear and deny God.

I suspect many who come to the Course are still recovering from the authoritarianism of Christianity. They don’t want no one telling them what to think. It’s very understandable. If you think of them as traumatised by Christian power structures, it makes a lot of sense.

Or maybe it’s because for refugees from Christianity and atheism (i.e. anti-Christianity) who are clinging to ACIM like a life raft, Ken takes all the fun/specialness/buoyancy out of the only thing that’s keeping them afloat!

I highly recommend this series of 6 videos explaining why people get so angry at a totally different public figure, but the answer to why they are so angry is exactly the same here as it is there. Spoiler: it’s all about guilt.

And as for practising what he taught: forgiveness as the Course teaches it is a mental process, not a behavioural process. So his copyright activities are meaningless in terms of his application of what he was teaching.

Forgiveness is invisible except to those who have forgiven. Perception of unforgiveness in others is nothing but an indication of unforgiveness in oneself.