Two types of content

There are only two kinds of content. Anything that is not one type must be the other type.1 Correct perception sees nothing else. They are also mutually exclusive - anything that is one type, cannot also be the other type.2
For a complete picture, both must be seen where they are and not confused with one another.

Type 1 Type 2
Love call for love
Loving lovely3
Eternal temporary
Always now
Impersonal personal4
Destination journey
Kind revealing
Healed healing
Real perceived
Song of Peace song of pain
Certain decision
Truth illusion
Abstract specific
Holographic5 linear
Sincere joke
Perfect beauty
Objective subjective
Formal informal
Universal individualised

Pages like this one reflect type 1
Blog posts reflect type 2

  1. ACIM T-14.X.7 

  2. see MECE and the laws of thought 

  3. adorable 

  4. the curriculum is highly individualised 

  5. every part contains the whole