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Two disguises for unwillingness

Gently examining unwillingness is the way. Those who are not ready disguise their unwillingness in a myriad of ways, but all examples seem to be variations on only two basic forms. Each form corresponds to nonrecognition of one of the two Levels of ACIM.

Level 1 Level 2
There is no Truth/God/Love There is no path/forgiveness/salvation
atheists Christians
I can get there on my own thanks bless me, my savior
not recognising one who is wiser than you thinking that the master’s state is beyond what you yourself can attain
“ACIM is meaningless” “ACIM is difficult”
“the truth is unknown or unknowable” “the truth is out there”
I did a comic about this very problem  
physicalists bliss ninnies

When your unwillingness is undisguised, you are able to admit that you don’t want to be happy without condemning yourself. You can watch yourself making the wrong choice without disguising, defending or attacking the choice you’re making.

You then laugh and brag: hey everyone! Look at how I make misery for myself! Isn’t it just so funny!

If ACIM works as advertised then anyone who isn’t able to perform miracles must admit that they are unwilling

My ‘favourite’ disguise (the one ‘my ego’ most commonly uses) is level 2. “I can easily become just like Jesus” is a phrase that helps me.

Other attempts to express this concept here.

meta comment

Starting to realise most people aren’t going to understand this without a 2 hour lecture.