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Therapeutic relationship

Note: this page, linked from the navigation bar, was a learning exercise for me. It has now been replaced by ‘Client-led consultation’ but I’ve turned it into a blog post so we can all laugh and forgive.

In contrast to traditional, commercialised therapeutic relationships, this therapy:

  • Is for me - I’m just using you to help me heal my own mind - your healing journey is none of my business.
  • Is based on the recognition that we are the same - rather than hide behind a wall of inequality by occupying a ‘therapist’ role, I use my relationship with you to help me work through my own misperceptions.
  • Does not incur ongoing expense - I will never offer you ‘sessions’ in exchange for money. Since you don’t pay me for my time, I have no financial incentive to:
    • spend any more time than is necessary to fully exploit the learning opportunities you offer me.
    • tell you what you want to hear so that you will come back for more.
  • Is unprofessional - intimacy and healing are not limited by taboos; anything could happen; like my teacher, I’ll use anything for teaching/learning purposes - nothing is exempt; I will follow the path wherever it may go, whether it leads to marriage or murder.
  • Depends on mutual trust and commitment - a non-refundable one-off payment of £300 ($400) that does not entitle you to anything at all would go someway towards convincing me of yours.

I don’t expect anyone to accept this offer.