The death of the ego

With the exception of My Course Story This blog is a chronicle of the gradual demise of the ego of Freyr LePage. It is a sequence of ego expressions that I find helpful/supportive now but will become useless as the ego (me) is undone.

As I reach 45% willingness, I (the ego) see it now: I am dying. When willingness is complete, there will be no individual 'I' at all anymore. Freyr LePage will be happy and peaceful, but it won't be my happiness; my peace. 'I' gain nothing from this process. I thought that there would be something in it for 'me', but now I realise there won't. Enlightenment is not a 'reward' for the ego. The only purpose of the ego is to be gradually undone.

And that's okay. As the keymaker says, it was meant to be.

This is what a trained ego looks like. It is still the ego but it knows it is wrong.

Freyr LePage

autistic, nonbinary, white, middle class

United Kingdom