The death of the ego

With the exception of My Course Story This blog is a chronicle of the gradual demise of the ego of Freyr LePage. It is a sequence of ego expressions that I find helpful/supportive now but will become useless as the ego (me) is undone.1

As I reach 45% willingness, I (the ego) see it now: I am dying. When willingness is complete, there will be no individual ‘I’ at all anymore. Freyr LePage will be happy and peaceful, but it won’t be my happiness; my peace. ‘I’ gain nothing from this process. I thought that there would be something in it for ‘me’, but now I realise there won’t. Enlightenment is not a ‘reward’ for the ego. The only purpose of the ego is to be gradually undone.

And that’s okay. As the keymaker says, it was meant to be.

This is what a trained ego looks like. It is still the ego but it knows it is wrong.

  1. bearing in mind that the ego itself isn’t actually undone, only the choice for the ego is undone, the ego remains what it is, a 100% thought system of hate, fear, guilt, shame, vengeance. So this post is actually just the ego being very dramatic 

Forgive, and you will see this differently.