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the collapse of specialness

I’m watching an unfolding process, in which all the specialness of my previous way of perceiving is corrected, and I see that the person or object is the same as everything else.

For example, looking at the staggering potential of this kind of perception, that I haven’t even begun to explore, I wonder who else sees the world this way. Gary and Cindy probably. Then I thought of that girl (I forget her name) who Gary introduced as being the reincarnation of Helen Schumann. I’d previously thought ‘woah’ and made an idol of her. But now I see even Helen is the same as all of us. She wasn’t special. The Course isn’t special.

But let’s be clear about what i mean here, and not confuse judgement with discernment. Helen was a gifted scribe. But what we must realise is that all gifts come from God, and none of us are any more or less worthy than Helen. The only difference is the choices made by that part of the split mind. But those same choices are available to us, now.

We all have our very specific part to play in the atonement, only playable by us, but none is greater or lesser. We are all part of the same chain of forgiveness.

I’m sure I had a point here.

I just watched a trailer for Ryan Reynolds new movie, Free Guy. I used to think he was cool and separate from me, a special celebrity idol. Now I see he’s the same as me.

It’s like Ken says, everyone has a right mind, a wrong mind and a decision maker.

I just farted. The smell is drifting past my nostrils.