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The allegory of the puppet player

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I recommend skipping to my response (since what I’m responding to is of little importance and can be assumed from context) and reading from there.

flash_ahaaa says:

This is a follow up post to the question how the course can break through to my sleeping mind. After great conversations in that last post, an allegory started to form in my mind and I wanted to share it with you.

The allegory of the puppet player

Divine children, happy and without any need, decided to play a game. The theme was “what if the absence of love is possible”. They made up a world and forgot their inherent oneness, everyone was playing on their own. They split up and made a puppet for each and pretended that they are the puppet, walking this world. At the beginning there still was a lot of laughter but very quickly the world became very fearful. It was an intense experience and they started to completely identify with their puppets. Also they became fearful of realizing that they were the puppet players in truth, because they started to think they have killed their parents. They thought only when they killed their parents a world of love absence is possible after all.

The parents, seeing their children in distress, didn’t want to shake them and scream at them to wake up, as this would leave the children in a state of fear. So they placed a book called “A Course in Miracles” into the puppet world and the puppet players soon let their puppets stumble across it. They began using the prayers in the book. They went like this:

I am the holy puppet player, in need of nothing, perfectly safe and in everlasting joy!

In disbelief and in confusion, the puppet players didn’t know what to do with that. After all they still thought they are the puppets themselves. So they let their puppets keep reading, this time the workbook introduction:

You don’t have to understand this now, just do the exercises, they will lead you to happiness and freedom.

So they let their puppets play doing the workbook lessons. And so in the made up world the puppets kept praying I am the holy puppet player.

And after a seeming endless time slowly the puppet players realized: Ooooohhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh I am the holy puppet player! And I am in need of nothing! I only thought I am the puppet! But I am free!

Freyr replies:

There is only one puppet player.

So powerful is he, that he works all puppets simultaneously.

This is why separate interests are impossible. We are all the same person!

flash_ahaaa replies:

That is based on a slightly incorrect Kenneth Wapnick teaching. We are the whole and all the parts of it. I knew that this discussion would come up before I posted it.

Every part of the whole contains the whole and is the whole. Very annoying to the ego, but very understandable to Spirit.

Freyr replies:

a slightly incorrect Kenneth Wapnick teaching

We are not studying the same Course.

I won’t bother you again.

flash_ahaaa replies:

You helped me a lot. Thanks and all the best to you.

Freyr replies:

Likewise :)