If you want to play with me as a friend, lover, or learning partner, following these instructions will convince you otherwise.

Unfinished: Sales Pitch

Manipulating the perception of others is not my way.

About (5th edition)

Freyr heard about a profound Truth

Real Humility

There's no need for false humility when one has real humility.


A disciplined learning space is necessary for inner change, while a relaxed social space is necessary for integrating those changes.

Appropriate Deference or Special Relationship

I've noticed that all my relationships fall neatly into only one of two categories

Log: Appropriate Deference

I find the contrast of these inclinations very interesting.

Giving up teaching

leisure activities only from now on

A Storyless Story of Freyr

My aim here is to be factual and descriptive, rather than explanitory and evaluative.

About (4th edition)

Some of it what I write may be useful, but there are no guarantees and explanations are often/usually missing.
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