About (5th edition)

Freyr heard about a profound Truth


A disciplined learning space is necessary for inner change, while a relaxed social space is necessary for integrating those changes.

About (4th edition)

Some of it what I write may be useful, but there are no guarantees and explanations are often/usually missing.

About (3rd edition)

My blog isn't intended for a generic audience


Premise The world is, to a fair approximation, wholely insane. Therefore: Reputation is indicative of nothing. Words of sanity will be unfamiliar and may appear insane to anyone who relies on common sense.1 What is commonly thought of as kind and...


I would rather a heartfelt letter than a donation. But donations are an uncomplicated way of expressing gratitude, and some find it easier.


They spew pearls upon my path like a pony farts and poohs.

I’m like Jesus (and so are you)

Being like Jesus isn't about behaviour or appearance, it's about choosing the right inner teacher on a level of the mind which most of us have forgotten.

About (2nd edition)

Freyr is extremely reluctant to combine public speaking with authenticity. Especially about spirituality