Radical Honesty example

Parting Words

The set of words, when said, will set me free, because I will be at peace no matter how they are received. I am unattached to outcomes.

Imagined misperceptions of me

These misperceptions lead to misunderstanding.

Giving up teaching

leisure activities only from now on

A Storyless Story of Freyr

My aim here is to be factual and descriptive, rather than explanitory and evaluative.

Log: I don't feel safe, I feel awful

I find both these phrases physically difficult to utter out loud to another person while feeling them. I think they must be taboo.

Abuse by mum

Trigger Warning: child abuse

Acts of Bravery at Dance Camp Wales

My being here is an act of bravery.

Log: Integrity Lapse

I was afraid of how people would judge me if they saw me being grumpy and autistic.