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The death of the ego

Enlightenment is not a 'reward' for the ego.

Lessons from the past

The lessons of the present are more relevant than the lessons of the past. I don't need to provide a bridge between compromised metaphysics and ACIM.

Start Here

A Course In Miracles is so good that I’m prepared to stake my entire reputation1 on it. Its quality may not be readily apparent, and in all likelihood it will look like “some Christian nonsense” to the uninitiated2. I want to make studying, practising and teaching it my life...

Log: Articles Weekly

I’m going to try a weekly update cycle, at least for articles. This is to limit the number of articles I try to write. There are so many articles I want to write, and left to my own devices I will try to write articles all day every day, and it takes a lot out of me, and I don...

About (2nd edition)

Freyr is extremely reluctant to combine public speaking with authenticity. Especially about spirituality

Log: The Opposite Problem from Writer's Block

For each page I wrote, I thought of 3 or 4 more I could write.