End of unwillingness

If I can forgive my dad, I can forgive anyone.

Parting Words

The set of words, when said, will set me free, because I will be at peace no matter how they are received. I am unattached to outcomes.

Connecting through the Miracle Network (UK)

I want instead to meet individuals and groups who are willing to be challenged and to challenge themselves to go deeper into the mind, to discover the many forms of unforgiveness we keep, to meet unforgiveness with gentle certainty and then to discover the treasure that unforgiveness hides.

Online ACIM Study Group

I really don't want to be responsible for a study group, so the Holy Spirit is in charge.


If I were a piece of equipment, my 'boundaries' would be sort of like my operating limits. If you go beyond my tolerances, I behave in unexpected ways.


If you want to play with me as a friend, lover, or learning partner, following these instructions will convince you otherwise.

Unfinished: Sales Pitch

Manipulating the perception of others is not my way.


The desirable outcome after a mistake, is the (re)discovery of innocence in ourself and in the other.

Log: General update

Willingness, Kind or Vulnerable, Applying what I've learned

About (5th edition)

Freyr heard about a profound Truth
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