posts associated with my gradually increasing confidence in "speaking my truth".

The fallacy of fair work

In spite of its obvious absurdity this attitude is one I've encountered in many places, all the way from an individual level, through a group level, up to a systemic level

Parting Words

The set of words, when said, will set me free, because I will be at peace no matter how they are received. I am unattached to outcomes.


If I were a piece of equipment, my 'boundaries' would be sort of like my operating limits. If you go beyond my tolerances, I behave in unexpected ways.

Unfinished: Absurd notions

Saying these things is like if you told me that you control the ocean; that it's really you who makes the tide go in and out, and not the moon. Moreover you expect me to stop the moon from orbiting the earth because it's 'messing up your flow'.

Real Humility

There's no need for false humility when one has real humility.

Appropriate Deference or Special Relationship

I've noticed that all my relationships fall neatly into only one of two categories

Log: Appropriate Deference

I find the contrast of these inclinations very interesting.

Imagined misperceptions of me

These misperceptions lead to misunderstanding.

Giving up teaching

leisure activities only from now on

Dunning-Kruger Effect at both ends

people who are very incompetent don't have enough competence to accurately assess how competent they are so they assess themselves highly.
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