All my various attempts to explain the purpose and context of this website/blog

About (5th edition)

Freyr heard about a profound Truth

A Storyless Story of Freyr

My aim here is to be factual and descriptive, rather than explanitory and evaluative.

About (4th edition)

Some of it what I write may be useful, but there are no guarantees and explanations are often/usually missing.

About (3rd edition)

My blog isn't intended for a generic audience


Premise The world is, to a fair approximation, wholely insane. Therefore: Reputation is indicative of nothing. Words of sanity will be unfamiliar and may appear insane to anyone who relies on common sense.1 What is commonly thought of as kind and...

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A Course In Miracles is so good that I’m prepared to stake my entire reputation1 on it. Its quality may not be readily apparent, and in all likelihood it will look like “some Christian nonsense” to the uninitiated2. I want to make studying, practising and teaching it my life...

Log: The purpose of this website

I express myself 'clearly' at the expense of authenticity.

About (2nd edition)

Freyr is extremely reluctant to combine public speaking with authenticity. Especially about spirituality