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A Course In Miracles is so good that I’m prepared to stake my entire reputation1 on it.

Its quality may not be readily apparent, and in all likelihood it will look like “some Christian nonsense” to the uninitiated2.

I want to make studying, practising and teaching it my life’s work.

I want to find ways of getting willing newcomers past those initial hurdles, and for those already studying, to correct any errors in their understanding and and invite them to deepen their application.

I do not suffer from the same ‘level confusion’ that many students struggle with, and so I have little difficulty understanding any sentence in the Text. It all just makes sense to me.

In my adventures both prior to ACIM and during, I’ve learned many tools and ideas that aren’t on the same level as the Course but which nonetheless have seemed helpful to me and I’d like to share them, but they will all be within the wider context of A Course In Miracles. Kind and gentle magic.

meta comment

My intention for this website has shifted around a lot. Anything prior to August 7th 2018 is with the previous intention3.
There’s a lot I’m still figuring out as I’m going along. Still very experimental.

  1. not that reputation matters 

  2. this was my reaction, before I had the proper context 

  3. also with the title “Grumpy Freyr’s Blog” and description “A barely disguised tantrum”