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Where responsibility lies

Alternative titles:

  • With great responsibility comes great power
  • The power of responsibility
  • You had one job
  • Where responsibility lies
  • Responsibility
  • Allocation of responsibility

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The world’s view My view
the mind and its experience is caused by the body the body is caused by the mind and its choice
the activity of our body has the power to cause misery or happiness in other minds and vice versa the body and the world have no actual effects, being dreams of the mind which seems to be a helpless victim of them
Other people are at least partially responsible for how we feel, and we are at least partially responsible for how they feel each of us (minds, not bodies) are 100% responsible for our experience, and 0% responsible for each others’ experience
Our attack/defence/manipulation is justified by our need for people/the world/ourselves to change We have all the power we need to change our experience, because the power of the mind that made it is still there
With great power comes great responsibility with great responsibility comes great power
Speech is for getting others to do, say or think what we want them to needing nothing from outside, speech is for revealing ourself, giving choice away
how other people think about us determines how we think of and feel about ourselves how we think about other people determines how we think of and feel about ourselves

The correct attribution of responsibility

We see our power and responsibility everywhere except where it actually is.

When we take care of our one responsibility, we free ourselves of all others, and return to the only place where we have any power.

Otherwise, all hell breaks loose.

My happiness or misery is my responsibility.

meta comment

Writing about the “one responsibility” is not a challenge I’m ready for (and maybe Katie says it better). So much to explain. Possibly everything.