I am not a good sales person. I do all I can[1] to make a bad impression.[2]

This may have the side effect of tarnishing all that I praise, in the minds of those who hear me.

Therefore I wish to clarify my purpose.

In layman's terms, my ultimate goal is:

Perfect happiness for all[3]

You might disagree that such a thing is even possible. But if it were, is that a goal you'd share with me?

If you don't share my ultimate goal, then I consider that a good reason to reject what I praise as well. Otherwise, I ask you to forgive my immaturity and allow me to direct you away from me and my blog, and toward the kind teachings of the wise.

  1. short of deception or other unkindnesses ↩︎

  2. thereby neutralising my people-pleasing habit ↩︎

  3. this will mean different things to different people, but if you can think of an even more perfect happiness, that's the one I mean; if you can think of an exception some might overlook, consider it included in "all" ↩︎

Freyr LePage

autistic, nonbinary, white, middle class (life circumstances that can't be changed, and that determine how society treats me)

United Kingdom