For those who think they know anything For those who feel unworthy
My time and attention is very precious; do not waste it.[1] Come my friend; let me show you otherwise.

If I don't need you and you want to learn with me:

  1. Do the reading[2] (which at the very least should include The Disappearance of the Universe and Radical Honesty).
  2. Read all my blog posts (or at least the affirming ones).

If none of that changed your mind, then tell me:

  1. That you've read The Disappearance of the Universe, Radical Honesty and all 14 of my affirming blog posts.
  2. You want to hear the truth.
  3. That you agree to my boundaries.
  4. Your 'favourite' forms of unkindness/disrespect (i.e. the ones you notice yourself doing most often).

  1. Your time and attention is also precious, but you don't realise this and so you squander it on the valueless. ↩︎

  2. If you cannot afford a book on the reading list then you can ask me to buy you a copy ↩︎

Freyr LePage

autistic, nonbinary, white, middle class

United Kingdom