Forgive My Blog



  • The world is, to a fair approximation, wholely insane. Therefore:
    • Reputation is indicative of nothing.
    • Words of sanity will be unfamiliar and may appear insane to anyone who relies on common sense.1
  • What is commonly thought of as kind and loving is actually fear and hate in disguise.2 True kindness is something very few people choose.
  • The world we see is the outside picture of an inward condition.
  • We are doing this to ourselves.
  • There is another way.3
  • The way is not to change the world or our behavior - since they are just effects, but to change our mind about it. How to change our mind, and what to change it from and what to change it to, is the subject of A Course In Miracles.

meta comment

I may have skipped some steps. It’s all obvious to me so I don’t know which steps are missing without feedback.

Trivia: pretty much this entire post came to me in a dream.

  1. for a thorough understanding of what common sense is, see A Field Guide to Earthlings by Ian Ford 

  2. I realised this when I was 5 

  3. I didn’t hear about this till I was 18