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Personal Tutoring/Sharing

I could teach you, but I’d have to charge (this used to be common echolalia for me). In all seriousness, I wouldn’t have to charge, and wouldn’t want to for most things (sometimes money just gets in the way). If I’m required to travel then I might want my expenses paid.

Hyperfocus/Tool Maturity/Experience
Spirituality/Zen 15 years
A Course In Miracles 8 years
Bullet Journalling 2 years
Radical Honesty 1 year
Grumpy Zen/Grumpiness 6 months

I fantasise about being invited to speak somewhere, although the thought of doing so is fairly horrifying. As Gary would say, mystical people tend to be introverted.


Being with Freyr is uncommonly liberating and relaxing; I can be myself.

Note to self: ask more people for testimonials. One testimonial looks rather silly.

meta comment

Unclear what I’m really doing with this page. It was written before the about page which I’m much more pleased with and has set the tone, maybe if I rewrite this, including the title and everything, it’ll come out more to my liking.

update (2018-07-29): I’m probably never going to rewrite this. I have a new plan now, to discuss tutoring at the end of the relevant posts on each topic. I’m leaving this page up as a blog post for entertainment value.