Online ACIM Study Group

Note: the group this post refers to no longer exists.

I really don’t want to be responsible for a study group, so the Holy Spirit is in charge.

Sales pitch

Do you want to talk with two students who have been practising together for many years?

Do you want to discuss the finer points of theory and practise?

Are you a student of Kenneth Wapnick and want to discuss teaching materials from the Foundation for A Course in Miracles?

Do you often have burning questions and don’t want to wait a week for study group before asking them?

Do you want mutual encouragement to motivate you to study, or to apply what you already know to new situations?

Do you want a group whose only purpose is to be truly helpful, and whose form will adjust to meet your need?

If so, this group may be for you.


In order to participate, you will need to install Telegram messenger on your computer, tablet and/or smartphone.

There will be no video or audio, and conversation threading in Telegram is pretty good1 so there’s no need for us all to be online at the same time or even the same day.


While in most online spaces it’s okay just to observe, I want this group to reflect the level of commitment and intimacy that an in-person study group would have. What builds trust is mutual vulnerability. A silent (invulnerable) audience would discourage most people from opening up.

Therefore please be prepared to introduce yourself as soon as you join the group. At the very least tell us:

  • how you found this group
  • where in the world you live
  • your pronouns (e.g. he/she/they)
  • your age
  • how long you’ve been studying the Course

If you’re uncomfortable about sharing any of these details, please talk about it.

Optional extra (more long winded) talking points:

  • how you came to the Course
  • your religious (or not) background
  • aspects of the Course you struggle with

Users who join without introducing themselves will be removed promptly, to keep the space committed and intimate for the existing group.

To improve the sense of privacy, I’ve set the group such that new users cannot see anything that was said before they joined the group. So when we share something it’s always just to the users who are already part of the group, not to all future users forever. This means when you join, you won’t see any conversation. You must introduce yourself blind.


The group has 3 users: me, Jules (long time friend and Course buddy) and Lawrence. it’s quiet, with occasional sharings.


To keep our purpose true, please consider the following before sending a message to the group:

  1. Is what I’m sharing truly helpful? Is this love? Or is it a call for love?2
  2. If I’m calling for love, then how can I make my call for love more explicit? Am I prepared to admit that I’m not loving - that in this moment, I am choosing the ego?
  3. Am I ‘packaging’ my call for love to look like love? Do I have a need for people to view me as a ‘good’, ‘wise’ or ‘happy’ person? Does this keep me safe, or does it obstruct healing? Am I hiding my sense of lack from all possible correction?

Join link removed

  1. How to reply (mobile): tap on a message to open the menu and select reply, or just swipe the message to the left. How to reply (desktop): click on a message to open the menu, or double click the message (anywhere there isn’t text). How to navigate conversation threading: replies include a small quote of the message they are replying to; if you tap/click on the quote, it will scroll to that part of the conversation - tapping/clicking the down arrow in the circle at the bottom right will take you back to your previous location. 

  2. Hint: if you have any sense of lack, if you need anything from the group, it’s not love. Love and need are mutually exclusive. See Parents and Children - our most difficult classroom

Forgive, and you will see this differently.