Not even leisure activities

A refinement of the rule from the treadmill post.

Opinion about what Freyr should do:

  • Whenever the treadmill is running[1], cease all activity including leisure activities.
    Exceptions (as needed):
    • basic body maintenance is okay - eat, drink, excrete, exercise, sleep, dailies
    • capturing thoughts in Bullet Journal
  • When treadmill stops, leisure activities only.

Colourful list of banned leisure activities

While the treadmill is running, impulses for various activities arise. I've found that after writing them down they either do not arise again or are easily dismissed:

  • no reading
  • no Minecraft
  • no YouTube
  • no Miniflux[2]
  • no email
  • no Bullet Journal migration
  • no Netflix
  • no[3]
  • no ACIM
  • no reddit
  • no 0h h1
  • no Discord
  • No DU
  • no phoning people (Arthur, mum)
  • no porn; no masturbation
  • no tea (orange juice is okay!)
  • no Ken
  • no music
  • no singing (non-melodic noise is okay)
  • no acting on previously recorded opinions about what Freyr should do
  • no Slack
  • no sitting in the rocking chair
  • no The Mind Illuminated

Commonly observed phenomena

  • While not acting on any of the above impulses, I notice a gradual building of energy - as if every impulse met with understanding[4], returns its power to me.
  • At the moment the treadmill stops, there is a specific thing for me to do.[5]
  • Following a long sequence of activities, the treadmill has renewed vigor.

meta comment

Separate post because I've learned many things since the rambly treadmill post and I want this to be easy for me to find.

  1. sometimes described as feeling 'driven' (or bored) ↩︎

  2. a minimalist RSS reader ↩︎

  3. how I watch things that aren't on Netflix ↩︎

  4. Byron Katie says something like "letting go of throughts is impossible, but when you meet them with understanding, they let go of you." ↩︎

  5. Theory: the purpose of the treadmill is to block inspiration. There's a specific thing to do or say (like the 'undelivered letters' analogy for Radical Honesty) that the ego wants to keep hidden, and the treadmill is the means by which it obstructs even the discovery of those letters. Which means every time the treadmill starts up, it's probably because there's something ego-undoing to be done. ↩︎

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