Real Humility

I know the difference between the right mind and the wrong mind. I know that pride only lives in the wrong mind. I know that nothing of value is ever achieved by the wrong mind; that any useful ‘work’ I do is actually not mine at all, but the right mind1 working through me.

Knowing all this, pride cannot survive.

So I can use my full name as a brand, and if it is successful/if people praise it, my ego is not inflated in the slightest. If anything I’m even more humbled.

‘Overcoming’ pride is a tremendous achievement and would be quite a feather in the cap of any spiritual ego. But any pride I might feel about it is a momentary blip2 before the achievement is correctly attributed to the right mind, leaving me with nothing; leaving me free.

Because of my freedom from pride I can say things that others cannot. I can boast. When ‘I’ am highly skilled at something, there’s no obstacle to seeing that skill and reporting it exactly as it is. There’s no need for false humility when one has real humility.3

‘My’ best ‘work’ is this essay for which I can take zero credit.4

I have nothing to be proud of.

  1. which is not in any way exclusive to me 

  2. ‘I’ have not overcome pride completely, or it would not arise even for a moment, and I wouldn’t need to write this blog post 

  3. this may be distressing words for a ‘humble’ ego to read, as the falseness of its humility is exposed when confronted with real humility 

  4. I was too tired after many adventures, so I let the right mind write it 

Forgive, and you will see this differently.