Forgive My Blog

New website

I’m in the process of migrating from a self-hosted Ghost 1.0 blog, to Bloggi.

My blog posts which were previously displayed on the home page, are now hidden here.

So now the first thing people will see is an introductory page, instead of the latest and greatest context-less drivel.

This change in visibility will likely be reflected in future posts. Posts from before this change are included in the interests of consistency.

Thank you Hernán (the creator and maintainer of Bloggi) for making all this possible. Thank you for saving me from the nightmare of Linux server administration by offering me something simple at a fraction of the price. Thank you for being so receptive to all my feedback.

Update notes:

  • New name, hopefully no more endlessly rethinking the description
  • End of unwillingness represents the end of a journey and many changes.