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For Ally

I had my first experience of Mooji today.

He's got it.

He has what I have (but with more time, more experience). I feel it.

I agree with and understand literally every word he says.

He's a Zen master.

And nothing he says contradicts the Course.

And he doesn't suffer from level confusion.

And he's actually addressing level confusion.

This is pretty cool.

I mean, he's not teaching ACIM, he's just describing his experience, but it's great.

I feel like he would be a fun person to hang out with. I'm thinking of him as a peer.

In this video he's describing what it's like when you're in your right mind.

What he doesn't do, and what the Course does, is to carefully examine and expose the wrong mind so we can recognise it and choose against it.

Describing your experience while in the right mind is helpful, but I think only to those at a specific stage where all they need is a little nudge. The Course on the other hand meets you wherever you are, and takes you very far indeed. Mooji's words (in that video anyway) give me no new insight - they describe my experience. Ken's words on the other hand, although many of the concepts are familiar, almost always deepen my understanding or show me a new way to look at it. The Course is even more like that; no matter what stage I'm at, it always seems to have something to teach me, to go further. It always shows me the shape of my wrong mind.

Thank you brother Mooji.

Now watching this interview of Mooji by an ACIM teacher

I'm not recognising this Amy Torres. She conflates the Course with new age ideas.

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