Minecraft server

My Minecraft server is now part of my Social space. It was never about Minecraft anyway.

Game server attributes

  • Java edition (not the Bedrock edition for windows 10, x-box and mobile)
  • version 1.12 (may never be updated)
  • Semi-vanilla
  • Survival
  • PvE
  • Whitelist
  • AutismChat 4 plugin
  • UK based

How to join

Once you have been accepted into the Social space:

  1. State that you agree to the list of player agreements below.
  2. Ask Freyr to add your Minecraft username to the server whitelist.
  3. When you have been whitelisted, log onto minecraft.freyrlepage.com


As game server owner
  • I agree not to reset the world
  • I agree not to use my admin powers to create any items or structures that could have been made in survival mode
  • I agree to respond to Discord messages from players
  • I agree not to add game-changing plugins
As player
  • I agree not to modify something that has been made by another player without their consent, except within the spawn area.
  • I agree not to create unmarked hazards in public spaces (i.e. within admin claims).
  • I agree not to leave redstone clocks running.
  • I agree not to build within view of another player's base without their consent.
  • I agree not to attack other players with weapons or any other game mechanic unless combat has been mutually agreed upon.
  • I agree not to claim a disproportionate amount of a rare biome.
  • I agree not to visit players at their bases without consent.
  • I agree not to give gifts without the consent of the person receiving the gift.
  • I agree not to trash the wilderness. I may kill or move animals, and raid temples and such, but will otherwise leave everything looking much as it was, unless I'm actually building something there.
  • I agree not to use /announce <message> for conversation, or to address a specific player.
  • I agree not to bother staff members in game about staff things unless their username is blue.
  • Dynmap
  • The wiki for the first version of this server. The world is still here, but the players and the culture are gone.
  • A 15 minute podcast/advert addressing an ACIM audience.

Previous versions of Minecraft Server post

Update 2019-04-26

I posted on reddit about my long history with Minecraft servers.

Freyr LePage

autistic, nonbinary, white, middle class

United Kingdom