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Love has no form

This is an extension of the principles of that chart from the “wild child” post. I’ll put that chart in here again for reference:

There are only two kinds of content. Anything that is not one type must be the other type.1 Perception of anything else is error.
For a complete picture, both must be seen where they are and not confused with one another.

Type 1 Type 2
Love call for love
Loving lovely2
Eternal temporary
Always now
Impersonal personal3
Destination journey
Kind revealing
Healed healing
Real experience
Song of Peace song of pain
Certain decision
Truth illusion
Abstract specific
Holographic4 linear
Sincere joke

Love has no form of its own. It is entirely abstract.

I cannot know the form that love (type 1) must take until people reveal themselves (type 2) to me.

People are very reticent to reveal (type 2) themselves, to call for love (type 2) in any obvious way. They hide their song of pain (type 2) from everyone.

But when I reveal myself, they are forced to reveal themselves. When I can see (in the way they react), the specifics (type 2) of their personal journey (type 2), I know how to be kind (type 1) to them.

There are so many paths (type 2), so many different forms that the call for love (type 2) can take. And each needs love (type 1) to take a different form.

So there is no universal form of kindness (type 1) on which I can depend.

This email is type 2.

  1. ACIM T-14.X.7 

  2. adorable 

  3. the curriculum is highly individualised 

  4. every part contains the whole