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Log: The Opposite Problem from Writer's Block

When I was first inspired with the idea for this website, everything seemed to fit into place. So many seemingly separated projects could all be expressed together. My mind sort of exploded in fit of interconnectedness. For each page I wrote, I thought of 3 or 4 more I could write.

With the new Ghost blog platform, I feel less limited in terms of how many pages the platform can accommodate, and I also have more customisation options which means more tinkering instead of writing, so I have an even higher ratio of ideas to actual ability to write.

Thus far I’m addressing the deficit by being less thorough and diligent with each post. So each topic is covered lightly, and more posts written. I hope that one day I will run out of new content, and can go back over old posts and add more detail and frosting.

Perhaps I should write out a full list of planned posts.

update (2018-07-29): instead of being less thorough, I’m slowing down/switching to a schedule