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I’m like Jesus (and so are you)

Like Jesus…how?

Being like Jesus isn’t about behaviour or appearance, it’s about choosing the right inner teacher on a level of the mind which most of us have forgotten.

So, I don’t wear sandals or a robe.

Who is Jesus?

When I say “Jesus” I’m talking about the voice of A Course In Miracles. The depiction of Jesus in the New Testament is unreliable because the bible was written by humans who didn’t understand him or his teachings.

Jesus isn’t special, but he was the first to complete his part in the undoing of the mistake that never happened. He is therefore a relatable human symbol for the right mind. By choosing him as my teacher, I choose the right mind. Eventually, when my perception has been fully corrected, I will complete my own part in the undoing of the mistake that never happened1.

Jesus to me is like an elder brother: wiser, but having nothing that I will not one day attain myself.

You are also like a sibling to us, whether you recognise it or not.

Who am I?

While in truth we are all like Jesus because we all have the same loving ‘parent’, from whom we all ran away in mistaken fear2, our experience is that we have different attributes from each other. Some of us seem farther ahead in their journey.

There are therefore ways in which I am like Jesus and you are likely not:

  • A Course In Miracles is the most significant part of my own thought system;
  • the Course has been alive in me for many years;
  • I agree with the Course entirely, even if my understanding and/or application isn’t yet perfect;
  • sometimes I say I’m 70% ACIM.
  1. you might be wondering, “if the mistake never happened, why does it need to be undone?” - because we think (unconsciously) that it did happen, and so we have to go through a process of correcting our illusiory misperception 

  2. this is an analogy, not meant literally