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Lessons from the past

Warning: this article is a bait-and-switch; it’s a trap; it seems to offer one thing and then turns around and offers the opposite.


I have this idea about writing a series of posts detailing the various books, people and groups I encountered since I embarked upon my spiritual journey 15 years ago (at age 18) from which/whom I learned something significant. My hope is that this will provide a bridge between casual spirituality and where I’m at now, so that anyone can sort of follow along and perhaps save themselves time.

I haven’t finished thinking out the details of this plan yet. I don’t know if I will go back to before I heard about Buddha. Before then I had no real interest in spirituality, yet when I heard there was a ‘truth’ to find, I immediately knew that I had to find it - that it was the most important thing. So I may never be able to provide guidance to anyone less certain than that, since I was born that way.

Here’s a brief outline of the significant teachings and experiences that shaped my worldview in preparation for the Course:

  1. Siddhartha discovered the Truth (someone told me a story)
  2. Zen Flesh Zen Bones (book)
  3. Zen in the Art of Archery (book)
  4. The Power of Now (book)
  5. Loving What Is (book)
  6. Run over by truck (experience)
  7. The Seed of Self-Compassion (experience)
  8. Cutting through spiritual materialism (book)
  9. Deeksha - shortcut to enlightenment (experience)
  10. Human Design System (execrise)
  11. Autistic identity (experience)
  12. The Dark Years (experience)
  13. Oneness Movement (group)
  14. Thanks for everything, I have no complaint whatsoever (exercise)
  15. The Disappearance of the Universe (book)

These might provide sufficient context for my current interests: A Course In Miracles and Radical Honesty.

However, all of these will be written from my point of view now, so I may be quite critical of many of them.

I don’t know how long it will take to write all these, and they may be interspersed with other posts.

Oh I have more ramble in me (another way of expressing my motivation for this plan):

There are many lessons I learned or ideas I became familiar with earlier in my journey, that are so normal to me now that I don’t think about them anymore. Yet they may be quite startling to novices.

For me there’s no excitement in talking about these earlier lessons that I’ve long since passed beyond, but I think it may be useful and necessary and kind to do so. After all, few are ready for ACIM, and certainly I wouldn’t have been ready for it back then. I’m barely ready for it now!

meta comment

grumble grumble.


From notes in my Journal:

The lessons of the present are more relevant than the lessons of the past. I don’t need to provide a bridge between compromised metaphysics and ACIM.

Just teach the Course. Don’t compromise.

So I can scrap all the post ideas about lessons from the past.
Nor do I need to write for physicalists1 or ‘vibrational frequency’ enthusiasts. I may need to grieve for the loss of those audiences.

Trying to write about the past or write for 10th and 11th graders2 blocks the flow of inspiration with an infinite number of possible posts that are all wrong for me.

Only write about what I want to teach/learn now, not what I learned in the past that no longer has relevance to me. So e.g. not The Power of Now. I will need to describe the “pain body” myself, rather than depending on Eckhart Tolle’s description.

I’m now excited about writing posts of current relevance, but I am also still exhausted from all my adventures, so we’ll see.

  1. those who can’t conceive of anything beyond the physical universe - Hi Jay 

  2. see “Earth School” in No Time For Karma by Paxton Robey