Update 2020-09-14: I don’t run groups anymore.

I have a vision of two online spaces. Previously I imagined them as separate projects1 but I realise now they are related and each serve a helpful purpose. A disciplined2 learning space is necessary for inner change, while a relaxed social space is necessary for integrating those changes.

Summary of differences

  Learning Space Social Space
Platform Telegram Discord3, Minecraft4
Purpose correct understanding, correct application leisure, rest, play, diverse interests
Moratoriums no off-topic, no social chat no discussion of spirituality - be normal
Application method Message me on Telegram (link removed) Join the discord server (link removed)

It’s okay, I think, to join only one and not the other.

Before applying

To avoid wasting my time/attention (and yours):

  1. Do the reading5 (which at the very least should include The Disappearance of the Universe and Radical Honesty).
  2. Read all my blog posts (or at least the affirming ones).

When applying to join either space

  1. Say how you found out about my group.
  2. Say that you’ve read The Disappearance of the Universe, Radical Honesty and all 14 of my affirming blog posts.
  3. Tell me you want to hear the truth.
  4. State that you agree to my boundaries.
  5. Tell me your ‘favourite’ forms of unkindness/disrespect (i.e. the ones you notice yourself doing most often).

Minecraft (optional)

For those not familiar with Minecraft, here’s my gameplay overview. I find it a great environment for learning lessons that I’m not yet brave enough to learn in ‘real’ life.

I want people to play with me on my server.

Update 2019-04-26

I made a subreddit that feels kind of related to these ideas.

  1. See ACIM Telegram Group Fantasy, Discussion Group, Minecraft Server 

  2. will become more disciplined as my level of willingness increases 

  3. will hopefully be replaced by Riot/Matrix when it has a bit more polish 

  4. Optional - you can join the discord without joining the Minecraft server 

  5. If you cannot afford a book on the reading list then you can ask me to buy you a copy 

Forgive, and you will see this differently.