Giving up teaching

I (try to) make myself look more valuable by sharing my insight, by ‘helping’ people. This blog is full of it. A futile effort to be a valued member of society. What a joke.

I ‘sell’ my gifts to cover up my disability.1

This just in: I am not okay. I am disabled & unsupported.

Opinion about what Freyr should do:

  • no more ‘teaching’
  • leisure activities only from now on
  • not allowed to ever do any work2

This really frees me; it seems to represent the end of the treadmill.

If anyone even suspects me of teaching or doing any work, please prompt me to reread this post.

meta comment

Is this post teaching? Is this work? No. I’m just writing it up for my own accountability. If I make it public then I’m more likely to stick to it. Also for ideas I want to refer to frequently in the long term, a blog post may be easier to find and read than a BuJo module.

  1. because, ‘normal’ people don’t want to talk to disabled people 

  2. unless/until I have absurd levels of support 

Forgive, and you will see this differently.