Log: General update

What’s been going on for me such that I haven’t been blogging…


Willingness1 has continued to increase (irreversibly) at the absurd rate of about 4% per month. With such rapid change, I treasure every moment alone/in which meaningful activity can be avoided. Currently 53% willing.

There have been so many changes, inside and out, that there’s no way I can write in detail about them all.

Kind or Vulnerable

I felt inspired to make a subreddit for my Culture and it didn’t turn out how I expected. This idea of “if you can’t be kind, be honest” has really developed for me. I aim to be kind or honest in all interactions. I’ve learned that my habit has always been to be honest/vulnerable rather than being kind, and especially I am not kind to myself. This blog so far has been a lot of vulnerability, but very little in the way of real kindness. So I’m now practising being kind. Firstly that means being kinder to me, not blogging so much, not sharing my most personal experiences so openly, and secondly waiting for the inspiration and discipline to write posts that are kind to others (while also being kind to me). My Course Story is an example of a kind post. When I start writing again, I want it to be more like that. I want to bring people to life.

Applying what I’ve learned

  • practising rest which of course leads to accomplishment. So I end up very busy.
  • healing relationships with family and friends
  • giving hell to those who seek my counsel

laughing at everything and everyone

Laughter is the new forgiveness.

  1. for non-ACIM students: willingness is the single limiting factor for healing/peace etc. Synonymous with commitment to the Way. It cannot be faked or manipulated by the conscious mind 

Forgive, and you will see this differently.