Forgive My Blog

Freyr’s Lessons

All these lessons are incomplete/unforgiven/uncelebrated at time of writing or I would have no need to talk about them.

This blog is an amalgamation of Freyr-content imported from various different platforms, each addressed to a different audience.

Website Name Period Audience Description
Forgive My Blog early 2020 to present Highly and very specifically educated new content written specifically for this blog after a hiatus from blogging
DU listserv mostly late 2019 to early 2020 an email group of ~5000 Course students who have read DU. I started sharing with them when I just wanted to work through my forgiveness lessons with the support of an audience who gets it, and I knew of no other online community that would be as passionate and single-minded about ACIM-style forgiveness as I am.
Freyr LePage early 2018 to late 2019 Before I could hide my blog from the uneducated, my imagined audience gradually shifted from a more general audience towards just people who see as I do more narcissistic blog with which I pushed the limits of my willingness until I had nothing left to push
Grumpy Zen Master even earlier 2018 Friends, family, aquaintances, anyone from whom I’d previously hidden my spiritual attainments Setting up a website under my full name ( and talking about myself as a spiritual teacher was the scariest thing I could think of so I did it but I found no limit to the articles I wanted to write on various subjects so I switched to a blogging platform, importing only a few pages I’d put a lot of work into
comic dot faller of falls dot com mid 2016 to to mid 2017 My nonbinary autistic friends, Tumblr. What I call emancipation culture I made Cassian a silly comic as a birthday card and then Cassian (who makes stick-figure comics) pointed out that I don’t have to be good at drawing to make comics, so I put in as little effort as possible
/r/ACIM the dawn of time to present the intersection of reddit culture (mostly young entitled angry cis white men) and the divided Course community. total newbies show up there, because the barriers to entry are low, both for asking questions and answering them. I’ve gone through a few phases of interaction. I keep trying to leave, but some of the questions people ask are so jucy! and sometimes, just sometimes, my answers are really appreciated. I rarely start my own thread. I don’t have any ACIM-related questions.

Yet to be imported:

  • Freyrambles to DU group (started)
  • Comments on /r/ACIM
  • An even older ghost blog
  • Transcribed podcasts?

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