Fantasy: 'leading' an ACIM Telegram group

The vision that keeps coming back to me, is not like any online group I've ever seen.

  • There would be no room for debate about different interpretations of the Course.
  • I am the teacher, and anyone who doesn't see as I do, is my student[1].
  • Except I am not really the teacher, I'm just an interactive representative.
  • Beyond me is Kenneth Wapnick, the teacher of teachers.
  • And beyond us both[2] is the Course itself[3].

With the 'pecking order' established, we can get on with the business of study and practise, and with that comes experience and insight.

So then (in my fantasy) the members of my study group are able to answer more and more of each others' questions, and I can fade into the background.

The way I imagine it, it starts with a few people who message me regularly with questions and find my answers helpful. A group can accelerate learning, but only if used properly. Left to its own devices, a group will serve the purposes of the ego, just like anything else. There is no middle ground; if you aren't choosing right-mindedness, you've chosen wrong-mindedness.

So all members have total respect for me[4] before they even join the group.

In the longer term, I fantasise about members of this group surpassing my level and leaving, or perhaps even better, taking over leadership, or gently helping me onward.

Now I experience great sorrow regarding the loss of my former teacher and friend. For ~6 years I had (among other things) someone to tell me what to do, how to undo an error; someone with infinitely clearer vision, to guide me.

Future post: The Loss of my Master, A Melodrama of Unforgiveness, in 4 parts.

update 2018-08-17
Posted about this idea on ACIM subreddit (it went down about as well as a fart in an elevator).

meta comment

I'm sure I've neglected to mention some important aspects of this fantasy. So many of my posts seem, stylistic rather than thorough and fully honest. I feel like I'm deceiving by not saying every possible thing. But I guess you can't say everything.
Grump grump grump. Imperfections UNACCEPTABLE.

  1. unless they are actually beyond my level. But such people are unusual and not the target audience of this post. Hello, if you recognise my state but have exceeded it and want to be my teacher, please do get in touch, thank you. ↩︎

  2. though perhaps not anymore, if you've reached the end of your journey then congratulations Ken! ↩︎

  3. the Holy Spirit isn't in this list because He is not an objective referent ↩︎

  4. as a representative of Him, and not as someone personally special ↩︎

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