Forgive My Blog


I would rather a heartfelt letter than a donation. But donations are an uncomplicated way of expressing gratitude, and some find it easier.


I’m writing this page because, if I get even one donation or other expression of gratitude from a stranger, I may be a lot more motivated to write.

I don’t use any software to track how many people are reading my articles, so the only way I’ll know is if someone deliberately sends me something.

Also I want to receive Nano other than from an exchange. Small donations to strangers on the internet seem like a perfect use case for a cryptocurrency with no fees.

Also I want to demonstrate how to “make it easy for people to give you money” for a friend who makes amazing music but doesn’t really make money from it.



OR freyr$ if you have an OpenCAP enabled wallet (unlikely).
OR use this deep link if you have a wallet that supports that.

to do: add Stellar and Ethereum addresses.

Fiat currency

UK/BACS GBP Bank Transfer

Beneficiary: Freyr LePage
Account: 17080541
Sort Code: 04-00-75


Has some great rewards: e.g. podcasts


Halstily done. But it works.

to do:

  • change avatar
  • write blurb (or just copy from here)
  • make and link a stripe account
to add: