Log: Don't speak to the ego (the ego doesn't want to know me)

Continuing from yesterday

This morning I find feeling safe(er) and less awful so I think I might be on the right track...

I still don't want to go outside or interact with people outside my domain, but now I know why. So I will behave the same as I have been (though perhaps with subtly more flexibility) but for reasons I understand instead of because of mental illness.

Very few people want to know me. This is not a grievance.

Very few people want to know the right mind. And so to choose the right mind is to become unknown by most.

And when I say people, it is really egos rather than bodies. The ego doesn't want to know me.[1]

The purpose of this mental illness is the abolishment[2] of even the subtlest form of proselytising.

Do not speak to the ego it says. When you speak to the ego, you are the ego, because you cannot speak to it without recognising its validity.

ACIM doesn't speak to the ego[3]. And this also explains why, many right minded teachers seem to respond to some questions by going off on a seemingly unrelated ramble. I heard Ken jokingly say once after such a rant "do you see how I gave you a great answer by not answering you" though the asker returned "no, that's helps me".

The one to address is not the ego/wrong mind and not the right mind either. The right mind and the wrong mind can only be what they are, they do not make decisions.

The only part of the mind worth talking to is the decision maker that chooses between the right mind and the wrong.[4]

Which brings us neatly to:

Every post is a prayer

This whole blog is rightly talking to not to an audience of egos, but to the decision maker. Each post is a prayer[5] although sometimes not very high on the ladder[6].

This is why the description of my blog is currently "I wasn't talking to you".

  1. The wrong mind doesn't understand the right mind and cannot see it at all, so this all makes total sense. ↩︎

  2. in me/my attitude ↩︎

  3. that's not to say egos don't think it's for them and read it just the same - the ego thinks everything is about them, takes everything personally ↩︎

  4. technically one can also (helpfully) address God, but that's just another form of addressing the decision maker asking it to choose the right mind (which affirms God's reality) instead of the ego (which affirms the ego and the body's reality) ↩︎

  5. see True Prayer (S-I) in The Song of Prayer in A Course In Miracles ↩︎

  6. The Ladder of Prayer (S-II) ↩︎

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