Dead Masters

Not eligible for my list on account of their bodies having died, but no less inspiring. Note that they are masters now even if they weren’t when they died in that lifetime. Some have had thousands of years since, in which to complete their journey.

Name Rating
Siddhartha Gautama
Jesus of Nazareth
Mary Magdalene
Yantou Quanhuo
Huángbò Xīyùn
the Great Sun1
that old woman with the tea shop
Hakuin Ekaku
Sai Baba
Ramana Maharishi
Bill Thetford
Mumon Yamada Rōshi2 >40 sextillion
Kenneth Wapnick

The gender bias is courtesy of the patriarchy - the achievements of women tend to go unrecorded.

  1. American Indian spiritual teacher mentioned in The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard 

  2. included because even though not ∞, he’s a long way ahead of me 

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