Daily Log

This is part of a series of posts starting with Evan’s Questions. They make more sense in order.

The (temporary) daily log is the core of Bullet Journalling for me. If I’m trying to build a routine, I put it in the daily log so that I have to copy it and pay attention to it every day. If in doubt about where to put a piece of information but need to write it down before you forget, put it in the daily log. My Daily Log in Walter looks like this:

The boxes in the top right corner for each day are ‘dailies’ - tasks that need to be done every day that have not yet become habits. Once it’s an established habit I don’t need to track it anymore. This list used to be a lot longer and had more words. “bathroom routine”, a sequence of 4 actions that have now become a habit once I start the first one:

  1. weigh myself
  2. turn the shower on to see whether I want to have a shower (I don’t know until it’s on)
  3. wash my face (in the sink if I don’t want to shower)
  4. take vitimins

I used to have a special module for dailies. A table that I could just fill in. But I’ve found the practise of copying them all out every day helps me identify and remove any that I don’t really want to do (I often have ideas about things I’d like to have a routine, but in practise it’s too difficult and the presence of the task on my list disprupts everything else), and also to more firmly establish the routine. It’s also great to have all tasks, daily or irregular, in the same place.

These logs contain no information that would be useful beyond a day or so. Anything I want to keep long term goes in the ‘daily log’ in Olivia (Content Note: intimate details of my life):

Forgive, and you will see this differently.