Common Responses to ACIM Students

Title says “Common responses to students of A Course In Miracles (XKCD style)” then there are two panels of comic. The first panel showing how non-Christians respond, has two people in it. The first person says “Jesus” but is then interrupted by the second person saying “Uh-oh, it’s another bible basher” and this person puts their hands to their head to try to somehow cope. The second panel showing how Christians respond, has the same first character but this time they get to finish what they were saying. They say “Jesus says there is no sin and God didn’t make the world and he (Jesus) isn’t special” to which the other character (this time a Christian) responds “Blasphemy! Shun the non-believer!” and puts their hands up to make a cross and ward away evil.

This comic is inspired my my friend Jules who encounters this problem a lot.

XKCD is quite an easy style to do, I might do more like this.

Trivia: at one point while writing the Christian’s speech I noticed that I’d neglected to give them arms, and so their speech said “Blasphemy! Shun the non-believer! also I have no arms.”

Freyr LePage

autistic, nonbinary, white, middle class

United Kingdom