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Comic: Worst Human

Part of a series of least effort comics imported from Tumblr to Bloggi on 2020-04-14.

Mentally ill brains lie. When the illness is egodystonic, it may be experienced as a vindictive voice, telling you untrue and sometimes unkind things.
“Brain” is easily misstyped as “Brian”, and me and my friends have taken to referring to the ill parts of our minds as “Brian”.

L: My brain is telling me everyone hates me and no one loves me and I am the worst human being on Earth wow thanks Brian, self-centred much?
Me: And the award for Worst Human of this entire planet, goes to Laurine, for uh, reasons.
L: Are u gonna make me an Art for it
Me: Mmm I’m not famous artist but i can try

Here’s one I did earlier (2016-05-03)
Here’s one I did earlier (2016-05-03)