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#freyrs-culture channel on Awakened Slack


  • For learning consent and how to containerise.
  • A social form of inescapeable ego ablation

By joining, you agree to^[just within this channel of course]:

  • follow any instruction1 given by Freyr (or leave the channel)
  • refrain from expressing disagreement with any aspect of Freyr’s Culture, even by implication2
  • Freyr’s Boundaries
  • question your opinions & stories/beliefs3
  • refrain from discussion of spirituality
  • refrain from inviting anyone to the channel - let David do that
  • leave the channel if/when you realise you nolonger agree or nolonger consent
  • instruction by Freyr
  • others telling you how they feel (including how they feel about you)

Freyr is mod

Freyr does not have mod powers4 but David has agreed that for this channel, Freyr will have the capabilities of a mod. If Freyr says so5, you will be kicked from the channel.


  • Experimental
  • Not suitable for egos
  • Querying the purpose of the channel or any specific rule will be met with immediate suspicion6
  • Radical Honesty isn’t required reading, but this channel may be quite confusing if you haven’t read that terrible book

Threading etiquette

  1. When your message would be in reply to another message, always start a thread instead of posting in the channel, even if there are no subsequent messages in the channel
  2. When your message is not a reply to any previous message, post it in the channel7
  3. When you want to fork a conversation thread, share the message you want to fork from, back to the channel and write your message there - starting a new potential thread
  4. When (and only when) a thread reply makes you feel particularly vulnerable, use the “also send to #channel” option

This will hopefully improve the signal to noise ratio for everyone, and support greater member-participation-level-diversity.

This means the channel will no longer look like a chat channel - there will be no immediately visible conversation, instead there will just be a sequence of unrelated thoughts, like a subreddit but posts are naked/without subjects.

This is actually how Radical Honesty is meant to be. When someone tells a vulnerable truth, it does not need a reply. It stands on its own. And the impulse to reply is rarely an expression of vulnerability. We often reply instead of hearing what has been shared.

See also

Radical Honesty Cheat Sheet

meta comment

there’s some question about the boundaries of what is spiritual and what is not. I don’t have a really satisfying answer yet, but feel free to ask about specific examples.

consider replacing “discussion of spirituality” with “stories” or “beliefs”

  1. requests are not instructions. If in doubt about whether something is an instruction, ask 

  2. a lack of understanding is fine 

  3. anything that isn’t a report of sensory data is a story that can be disputed 

  4. dude, that is WAY too much power 

  5. Freyr doesn’t need to give a reason 

  6. this is a space to apply the rules, not to debate them - there is no space for you to debate them with Freyr but you can speculate all you want with each other in #general 

  7. it can be inspired or prompted by another message (like “that reminds me of…”) without being considered a reply