This is part of a series of posts starting with Evan’s Questions. They make more sense in order.

An early divergence from Ryder’s system, was the separation of tasks that must be done on a specific day/time from tasks which just need to be done. I don’t put tasks that can be done at any time, into the calendar/monthly log/future log. So, my ‘Monthly Log’, is just a calendar page. Here’s one for next month which hasn’t been filled with stuff yet:

Towards the end of each month, I set up the calendar spread for ‘month +3’, so that there are always ~2-3 months of future calendar set up. Most plans are not further than 2 months ahead so the items that spill off into the ‘future log’ are very few and can simply be a list:

It’s extremely easy to add to, and you don’t have to worry about running out of space. And every time you’re setting up a new month, lets say it’s August, you look through the list at all the 2018 entries and any that are followed by “08” will need to be mirgated. So that’s the Dentist appointment, Autscape (also considered an appointment, that lasts a few days) and the task of replacing the railcard. The appointments go into the calendar proper. The task goes into the bottom bit of the calendar to be noticed during one of those weeks, and migrated again, to the daily task list. “Meter reading” has been migrated - hence the virticle line through the bullet.

If you’re confused about how I write dates, here’s a nice comic for you.

You may have noticed the “Monthly tasks [Walter 1/22]” task in the bottom right of the calendar. The reference (totally breaking my rule about not referencing Walter) points to this module in Walter:

Forgive, and you will see this differently.