Forgive My Blog


I have a call blocker that I ordered all the way from the US (it’s a Sentry 3 if anyone’s interested). It’s the best thing since DU.

But you have to replace the batteries every 6 months. I put rechargable batteries in it because I’m a GOOD PERSON.

It takes 3 AAA batteries.

I have a charger which is able to charge either 2 batteries or 4 batteries at a time. Not 1, not 3.

It just started flashing, indicating to me that the batteries need to be changed. I had 3 batteries in need of charging, and one spare one that may or may not be charged.

I did not know what to do. And then I was like “why is this happening?! am I having a grievance right now? I thought I was done with that. oh right. There are no technical problems, only forgiveness lessons. what is it I’m meant to do here?”

I joined on the level of the mind with the call blocker, and with all the batteries, just as I would with a human. There’s no difference. I noticed a flavour or “note” from the batteries, showing me that there had been unforgiveness there. We have this thing about technology. We project so much guilt onto our technology, while continuing to use it in guilt and fear.

Then I picked up all the items and placed them on my yoga mat (I have a very large, square yoga mat that occupies most of my bedroom floor. It is a temple without walls. It is a space dedicated to Truth.) Then Let me recognize my problems have been solved. which my friend had been talking about the other day, came to mind. I remembered that 6 months ago I had already planned the dance of the batteries. 2 of them would be charged every 6 months, and the other two would alternate. From the container I put the spare one in, I can assume that it is charged from last time, so I can use that, and meanwhile I put its brother in the “uncharged” batteries container. Then in 6 months I’ll charge those brothers together.

For a moment there I thought there was a problem. There wasn’t.