My blog assumes as a bare minimum:

  • You’ve completed the Work in writing, exactly as Katie instructs on at least 10 judgement thoughts.
  • You have read The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard and thought it was rather good;
  • You diligently study and practise A Course in Miracles as published by the Foundation for Inner Peace, and as taught by Dr Kenneth Wapnick;
  • You are familiar with, and know how to use the Course’s reference system;
  • You have read Brad Blanton’s terrible book, Radical Honesty;
  • You are free of curiosity about me1 or any of the above2;
  • Your only goal in reading my blog is to discover your own sinlessness by seeing it in me (and the people and situations I discuss).
  • None of the following elicit the slightest objection:
    • There is no error that cannot be corrected.
    • There is nothing about which to feel guilty.
    • There are no separate interests.
    • There is no suffering or lack.
    • There is nothing to fear or get excited about.
    • Attack, defence, manipulation, condemnation, anger, blame and sacrifice cannot be justified under any apparent circumstance.
    • There are no special places, people or things.
    • There can never be anything to be proud of.
    • The universe in which we seem to live, is a dream - a projection of the content of our unconscious mind. Our bodies (including our brains) are part of that dream. The only meaningful use for the dream, is as a classroom for the correction of our perception - a use to which it is perfectly suited.

Freyr’s Lessons

  1. being educated, you would know that there is nothing personally special about me, so no cause for curiosity. 

  2. curiosity is satisfied by understanding, which comes from diligent study. My blog is not worthy of study - it is fuel for the engine of forgiveness, but forgiveness it does not teach.