Forgive My Blog

appropriate attribution of praise

Never one to pass up a good opportunity to use something for teaching/learning purposes, I want to use this private message (thank you, Mary Beth):

Your forgiveness is a shining example for me. Thank you for sharing.

While I’m delighted to receive such gratitude, I want to redirect any actual praise to the Holy Spirit’s thought system, as presented in A Course in Miracles, and ranted about fairly exhaustively by Dr Kenneth Wapnick.

If I have achieved anything at all (which seems doubtful to me - all I’ve really done thus far is to stop shooting myself in the foot repeatedly), that achievement should be attributed to the quality of the instructions I’ve been following, and not to anything special about me.

Do not think that I completed my lessons by being a virtuous person or because I’m a special case. If you do, you exclude yourself from the possibility of choosing to follow the instructions yourself and having the same results. You say “Oh well, it’s all very well for Freyr, they are a clever clogs, I could never forgive that easily”. Bollocks to that. You can forgive if you choose to.

Use my example not as an example of virtue, but as proof that the Course works exactly as advertised. Like J says:

T-1.II.3:10 There is nothing about me that you cannot attain.

Think not I am beyond you. For I am right beside you.

If there is nothing I cannot forgive, then there is nothing you cannot forgive.

What I want now, is for you all to join me. Think of it. We could all forgive everyone in the universe.

Join me in prayer. My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts (yes, that’s a star trek reference). Let us choose the Holy Spirit as our teacher, and make a peace together that will outshine my silly solo act.