Forgive My Blog

Another simple forgiving thought

I forgave my dad the other day, and now I can’t find any unforgiveness of him in my mind.

I had held many grievances against him. But in a holy instant I was determined to forgive, and found myself saying in my mind with perfect sincerity “I wish perfect happiness for dad”. It felt like turning a key in a very large and heavy lock, or pushing open a huge stone door. I could feel what was being moved.

Wishing perfect happiness for someone means unbinding them. If they have perfect happiness, they don’t need you anymore. Which means you can’t manipulate or control them to get them to meet your specialness needs. They are free of you. Unforgiveness is reluctance to set your slaves free.

Now I’m like “if I can forgive my dad, I can forgive anyone.” So I try it with my most special relationships. Whenever I say this phrase “I wish prefect happiness for x” I feel the reluctance. I don’t truly want them to be free of me.

Little by little, those chains are loosened.