About (4th edition)

I am, I hesitate to say, an expert in what I’m going to call ‘spirituality’, at least compared to the vast majority of humans.1

The scale of the hierarchy of spiritual attainment is so vast and exponential that while my own state is nothing to brag about as far as I’m concerned, it is inconceivably far beyond what the casually interested person could imagine. My knowledge and experience is, on the scale of the world, unimaginably vast.

While this may sound like arrogance, it is merely the truth.

I recognise Teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Byron Katie, Hafiz and Kenneth Wapnick as my peers2. I know what they know (though I may be unwilling to apply it).

However, due perhaps to autism-related-difficulties/an inability to process lies, I have not yet learned how to speak to people outside my culture, even without the additional challenge of trying to convey unfamiliar concepts.

As I recognise this and change my mind about the situation, I become less interested in sharing what I know with others, and more focussed on the completion of my own path. That said, I do share what I learn with those close to me, since it’s easy: they have all the necessary context and I don’t need to explain everything from first principles.

I have fantasies about sharing some of the incredible things I’ve learned with a wide audience. However, as a disabled person without much support, there is more profit for me in quietly focussing on self-care and my own forgiveness3 lessons.

This website therefore is mostly just a part of my therapy; I don’t have a therapeutic community4 to tell the truth to, but a public facing website under my full name is the next best thing.

Some of what I write may be useful to you, but there are no guarantees (that is not the primary goal) and explanations are often/usually missing; the uneducated may not be able to distinguish between posts that express the wisdom of the right mind, and expressions that are merely intended to expose the silliness of the wrong mind5, especially when the latter appears earnest.

All my posts, however reasonable they sound, are offerings to the Holy One. I say to Them:
here, take this silly burdenous thought from me, I don’t need it anymore, please use it for my correction.6

Previous versions of “About”

  1. I can’t seem to find the one about making a fool of myself
  2. The one about Radical Honesty being the purpose
  3. The one about not being for a generic audience

meta comment

There’s unforgiveness in this page. Do you see it?

  1. I become an expert in anything I’m interested in (because autistic hyperfocus) 

  2. and, if we’re including teachers whose bodies have died, Buddha and Jesus too 

  3. forgiveness (in the way I use it) is the discovery of mutual innocence, not to be confused with having no boundaries 

  4. see Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton 

  5. my wrong mind specifically 

  6. correction is needed because I am wrong/mistaken - it should not be confused with punishment 

Forgive, and you will see this differently.